The Organic Meat Specialist (T.O.M.S.) opened at South Melbourne Market in August 2007.

Founded by husband and wife team Tom & Jane Niall, T.O.M.S. has fast become one of the leaders in the Organic and Free Range meat industry and has a dedicated and loyal customer base.

Having spent years working for an Organic food wholesaler learning the 'ins and outs' of the trade and industry, Tom saw a gap in the market when it came to retailing premium organic meat.

With Jane having an extensive background in catering and event management, they both felt that not only did the industry lack a retail presence, but they understood the importance of educating the customer about the meat and produce they consume, but also the supply chain they support.

T.O.M.S. now retails and wholesales certified organic meats as well as free range game meat and small goods throughout Victoria (and beyond!). Tom & Jane spend extensive time with Australian growers to bring premium quality produce to their retail space and are now offering home delivery.

"We try to provide a full experience to our customers, as we see a huge benefit in educating the masses about the advantages of eating organically and seasonally.


We see our role as an important one and we understand that most people shop organically for many different reasons - we have established an assurance with all our customers, that whenever they buy from us, they will always be fulfilled" 


The local butcher shop was a business model that suffered considerably with the growth of supermarket chains within Australia. Supermarkets were, and are, for many people a convenient 'one-stop-shop'.

Consumers can grab everything they need, often at a cheaper price, but have very little knowledge about the origins and production of the meat or produce they are eating.


We buy from local farmers and growers, whereas larger chains have the ability to transport meat state wide and often nationally. Supermarkets offer an assurance to customers that they are "on their side" when it comes to pricing, but often this is at the cost of farmers & growers.

By supporting T.O.M.S. you are supporting grass roots producers and purveyors to supply premium, sustainable, organic produce. We always buy our chicken, lamb, beef and pork directly from farm gate, using fabulous farmers from Victoria and interstate. 

We offer full transparency on all of our supply chain (in fact, questions are encouraged!) and are blessed to have them as part of the T.O.M.S. family.

Nurturing and developing long term, sustainable relationships with our farmers is just as important as the produce itself!

Find out more about our produce and farmers via our PRODUCE PAGE