I feel very THRILLED and grateful that you’ve taken some time to take a glimpse into the world of PROPER food.

I promise it’s good for you AND good for your world!


This space (that will be updated regularly) will be all about my experience will food.

Not just cooking advice and recipes, but my thoughts on how food can change the world.

How cooking has a cumulative effect – how it brings us together.

It continues to nurture us, it will always be associated with our most precious celebrations, in every culture.

It creates and defines communities, and with that comes feelings of connection and happiness.

I do truly believe we can create the most BEAUTIFUL bonds sharing a meal with someone, anyone!


I know the food community is VAST and so often flooded with advice and opinions, diets and eating plans that exclude some foods and encourage certain routines but above all, I’m mostly in love with



I feel incredibly lucky to share my food and thoughts with you… I hope you find some inspiration here and PLEASE DO get in touch if you have any questions or comments about what I cook or write.

I love to talk and eat in EQUAL measure!


Over the past few years (alongside helping to run TOMS at the South Melbourne Market), I’ve been VERY busy in my DELICIOUS kitchen fine-tuning some dishes and selling them thru the shop.  I’ve quite possibly driven my family and friends CRAZY with official taste testing and endless banter about how best I’d eat THAT meal… I love to serve food in ‘non-traditional’ ways, which gives new life to those meals that we cook on a regular basis.

Even the slightest of changes in the way we serve, what plate we use, and what garnish is chosen makes more difference than you know…


So, perhaps you have purchased one of my meals in store or online? (if you have THANK YOU!!)

Perhaps you’ve come here to check on some super serving suggestions?

Perhaps you’re considering INVESTING in some of the meals I make? (if you do THANK YOU!!)…

Well here goes!


Firstly, I’m a HUGE fan of pickled vegetables – always have been. I would eat the whole Proper Basics range of food with a side of anything pickled… We do our own range that you can check out HERE – I’ve prepared my 2 favourite combos for you - pickled shallots and chilli OR cucumber and carrot (I’ll publish my pickle recipe on here soon so you can do this VERY easy process at home or otherwise come to one of our classes HERE and i'll teach you myself!)


More serving suggestions to come or jump over to @properbasics and see what else we’ve been cooking up!

Jane xx