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Milawa Organic Chicken & Eggs, Free Range Ducks, Vic.

Russel at Milawa has been a supplier of ours for many years. We truly believe his Organic chickens have no equal due to his great product and continuous supply.  He is a passionate farmer that regularly visits farmerss markets throughout the region. His poultry and eggs are a sure-fire sell out each week.

Remarkable Meat Co., SA

We have been stocking Will’s organic salt bush lamb and beef at T.O.M.S. for the past 3 years. His lambs are renowned for their naturally seasoned flavour and consistency in a market that can be variable. Salt bush grazing results in less variation in the seasonality of feed, which is unique to the organic industry.

Enviroganic Organic Poultry, NSW

Angus and Sonya Dowling grow Organic poultry on their farm at Murringo, just outside of Young, NSW.  They are a family-run operation that has supplied us for the past nine years and their Organic Christmas Turkeys are highly sought after.

Milawa Organic Beef, Vic.

Since 1874 the Wood family have been growing their prized Angus cattle on the river flats of the Milawa region.  Alan and Leanne Wood are the 5th generation in this legacy and they produce Organic Angus beef that is second to none.  With its incredible creamy fat coverage and consistently tender meat, Milawa Organic provides us with the perfect starting point for our Dry-Aged beef.

Rural Organics, Vic.

Janie McClure and her daughters are pioneers in the Organic meat industry and supply us with Organic Lambs, Organic Beef and Bio-Dynamic Wagyu/Angus Beef from the Western Districts of Victoria.  Janie continues to educate the masses on the benefits of Organics and assists farmers in converting from conventional to Organic farming production.

Warby Farm Free-Range Pork, Vic.

Warby Free Range Pork runs a small herd of rare-breed Berkshire pigs at the foothills of the Warby Ranges in Taminik, Victoria.  Farmer Greg Devlin embraces an ethical, sustainable and natural approach to raising pigs, which is evident in the texture and taste of this fabulous pork.

Bundarra Berkshires, NSW.

Lauren Mathers not only grows her own pigs but butchers and produces outstanding smoked bacon, pancetta and many other small goods at her farmstead butchery on the banks of the Murray river. Most importantly they are all Nitrate-Free. Using traditional dry-curing methods and all natural ingredients, her products are highly prized and have developed quite a following at our shop.

Gamze Smokehouse, Vic.

Felix Gamze pioneered the ‘Nitrate-Free’ movement in Victoria with his incredible small goods.  We have proudly stocked Gamze products from his first day of production and continue to be amazed with his ever expanding range including chorizo, cabana and smoked turkey. Each Christmas we are fortunate enough to have our precious pork legs pickled and smoked by Felix using his unique nitrate free techniques. We simply can’t keep up with demand, they’re so good!

Jack’s Gully Organics, Vic.

In the Macedon Ranges at Woodend, Victoria, Dale Ranson and his family run an Organic smallholding of Berkshire pigs and Lowline Beef cattle.  It truly is a paddock to plate operation and a visit to the farm is always a pleasure.