Chilli Con Carne...

My Chilli Con Carne is such a WINNER – its rich, chocolaty, warming and super SUPER versatile.

Besides how I’ve suggested to serve it on the label (and in the images), both the chilli and my baked beans (great vegan alternative to chilli) are terrific inside a taco, wrapped inside a tortilla and baked in the oven with LASHINGS of cheese and salsa!

Serve it on top of finely shredded iceberg lettuce (the BEST lettuce!) and with enormous spoonful’s of chipotle aioli.

Like the Bolognese sauces it can be cut with rice and baked inside ANY vegetable.

It goes beautifully with a baked potato and if you can find it, queso fresco, oaxaca or manchego cheese and big squeezes of fresh lime…

All of these Mexican cheeses melt beautifully and these days are often available at your local cheese deli…

The chilli or beans can also be baked served on toast – why NOT? or even popped into a jaffle – don’t forget the pickled veg!!

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