It's all about Bolognese...

So often, a basic like Bolognese sauce (we have lentil and meat versions both available) can be a go-to saviour thru a busy week!

Aside from the standard pasta’s (or lasagne) that we traditionally pair it with, why don’t you try a stuffed capsicum or zucchini option... it’s a WINNER in our house!

Firstly, stir thru grated cheese or some fetta, fresh spinach, maybe some chorizo or your favourite rice and stuff the veg!

Top with bread crumbs and extra cheese, then bake at 180deg for about 40 mins – perhaps even further grill the top you like it nice and brown…

Serve as is, with a side of fresh tomato and basil or even a crisp seasonal slaw.

**(there are plenty of vids online to show you how to remove the middle of your capsicum or zucchini)

Pushed for time?, our bolognese sauces are perfect to stir through a basic pasta and serve!

Proper Basics Organic Lentil Bolognese sauce with a side of our Pickled Shallots & Chilli

Proper Basics Organic Beef Bolognese Sauce- perfect with grated parmesan!

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