T.O.M.S. retail space has taught us a lot about your needs.

It's important we know how to best prepare the various cuts of meat we sell, as well as offer practical, seasonal serving suggestions. It's all a part of our Meaty Ethics Education!


Hello then, PROPER BASICS.


The PROPER BASICS range of take home meals to "heat and eat", was imagined up after feeling there was a lack of good-for-you, organic, no nasties, PROPER take home food.

After 12 years of Organic food retailing and nearly 20 years in the Organic food industry, we've built ourselves a commercial kitchen space at our home in Victoria's Macedon Ranges.

Taking our own cooking advice and serving suggestions, we now cook for YOU weekly.

 From our standard range of PROPER stocks, broths, meaty sauces and delicious matchy condiments, we also dream up some special one off dishes to keep your weekly menu varied and seasonal. We have SO many vegetarian friends, so baked beans, lentil bolognese and a banging veggie tagine are also available…


Of course we’re still good for PROPER advice, come in and see us for hot tips to DIY!


You can purchase our PROPER BASICS range below 

OR you can now also find us via CERES FAIR FOOD and UBER EATS.

Want to find out more about our recipes? check out our RECIPES PAGE

Prefer a little more "hands on" guidance? you can sign up for your very own PROPER BASICS cooking class!