We can supply retail stores, cafes, restaurants and caterers with wholesale bulk or pre-packaged meat.


T.O.M.S. supplies to many retail stores throughout Victoria – you may have seen our product!

We have collated a selection of the most popular, shelf stable products that, from our experience, are a good starting point for retailers.

All of our products are individually packaged using biodegradable trays and plastics where possible, keeping in mind that shelf life is of the utmost importance.

We have worked tirelessly to create informative and cleverly designed marketing that accompanies all packaging, allowing your prospective customers to understand clearly the values, ethics and wellbeing associated with purchasing Organic Meat – without having to disturb you behind the counter! All common questions and concerns are addressed in our clear and concise sticker.

Everything comes individually priced, ready for presentation in your refrigerated display. Delivery days vary depending on your location.

Please contact Tom or Cam at the shop or on their mobiles to organise a price list and delivery of packaged samples to see if they’ll suit your retail store.


Over our many years of experience in the Organic Meat industry we have met with chefs and helped design menus for restaurants, cafes and caterers using Certified Organic Meats. All meats available to be purchased in our retail shop (see product page) are available wholesale.

Cost is always the deciding factor when you choose to have organic meat on your menu, no matter how good your intentions!

There is no way to compare the cost of conventional and organic meat when it comes to pricing your menu. Organic meat can be up to 50% more expensive which will need to be reflected on your menu – or it simply won’t be profitable.

We find that the best way to provide cafes, restaurants and caterers with certified organic meat is do so seasonally with secondary, less expensive cuts. It is a sustainable and realistic way to maintain supply.

Please contact Tom or Cam at the shop or on their mobiles to arrange a meeting to discuss your business’ menu and needs.

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